3 inspirational female CEOs

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India has a rich history of women who have led big organizations to fame. Check out this video to learn about 3 top inspirational women CEOs.


India’s women may have broken the glass ceiling only every once in a while, But the ones that have made it to the top have left a lasting positive impact through their work. Chartered accountant Chitra Ramkrishna tops this list. She played a key role in drafting SEBI’s legislative framework, And was part of the hand-picked team tasked with setting up the NSE to provide a fully automated, screen-based trading system. She then went on to become the first woman MD and CEO of the NSE. Indra Nooyi - former CEO of Pepsico - is another leader to look up to. Notably, Nooyi is famous for the strategic redirection of Pepsico. Under her leadership, the company’s products were reclassified into three categories: ‘Fun for you,’ ‘Better for you,’ and ‘Good for you.’ Axis Bank’s former CEO Shikha Sharma is next on our list. An Indian economist and banker, Sharma strengthened the bank’s retail lending And played a key role in developing a more comprehensive range of product offerings from the bank. These women are only a few of the many others who are taking the front seat And leading the revolution for women’s financial independence in the country.

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