3 fintech innovations of this decade

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Discover 3 of the top fintech innovations from the past decade in this video.


Over the past few years, the fintech space has seen a rapid and massive revolution. Let’s take a look at the top 3 fintech innovations from the last decade. First up, we have the QR code - or the Quick Response code. Affordable, quick and easy to use, QR codes have transformed the way we make payments. Want to pay your utility bills? Or pay for fuel, food, grocery, or travel? Just scan and pay. Simple! Then, there’s video KYC, which has proven to be particularly relevant in the wake of the pandemic. With video KYC in the picture, it has become possible to open bank accounts, purchase insurance, start trading in the markets, and avail other financial services remotely. And then, we have chatbots. Remember how your parents had to pay a visit to a bank or a branch office for the smallest issues? Thanks to chatbots, you can now get your queries clarified and issues sorted right from the comfort of your home. So, there you have it. Three simple fintech innovations that have had a big impact on us. Up next, we have an introduction to rule-based trading.

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