3 financial innovations by women

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This video tells you about three financial innovations in India, spearheaded by women.


Invest India reports that the overall transaction rate in India’s fintech space is likely to jump to $140 billion in 2023, All thanks to the many financial innovations the country has seen in recent years. Here are 3 such innovations by women in the fintech space. First, we have Simpl, co-founded by Chitra Chidanand. Simpl aims at making payments transparent, efficient and quick. And it is quickly bridging the gap between credit and payments. Then, there is Healthfin, co-founded by Sonia Basu. Healthfin offers financial assistance to underinsured and uninsured patients. Today, this fintech company has tie ups with many leading hospitals in the country. And then, we have Smriti Tomar’s InvestoAsia. Keeping up with the times, InvestoAsia leverages blockchain technology To redefine personal finance and help retail investors invest in international markets. This innovative startup is a one-stop platform that offers saving, investing, lending, borrowing, and spending solutions - all under one umbrella. Want to know more about women in finance? Head to the next chapter.

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