21 Aug, 2021

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (1.5 Hour)

Understanding Commodity Options and Indices – Webinar in English

Of the various ways one can trade in commodities, the ‘index way’ stands out for its ease and ability to provide exposure to the performance of a basket of commodities. MCX iCOMDEX series of commodity indices are excess return indices which consist of a composite index (constituting futures contracts across different commodity segments), two sectoral indices (Bullion Index and Base Metals Index) and four Single Commodity Indices (Gold Index, Silver Index, Copper Index and Crude Oil Index). Trading on MCX iCOMDEX indices offers the benefits of investing in commodities - such as portfolio diversification and low volatility – in an easy and reliable manner.



Commodity options are useful risk management tools, particularly for the small stakeholders, as the option buyer does not generally have to maintain margins. They are akin to price insurance for the hedgers which can be bought by paying only a one-time option premium.

What will you learn?

Commodity Indices:

Low Margin requirements
Portfolio diversification
Low Volatility
Cash Settled contracts

Commodity Options:

Options on Futures
Low capital intensive
Better cash flow management
Futures & Options combination (both risk management tools): gives leverage of futures with safety of options: Profit from change in future prices but limit losses via Options

Who can attend the webinar?

Anyone who wants to gain an overall understanding of the commodities market can attend the webinar

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