19 Jun, 2021

11:00 AM to 12:30 PM (1.5 Hour)

Learn to trade Currency Markets

Currency is the one of the biggest asset class that trades 24/7 in the global markets. Trade is an inherent part of this globalized world and the need to export and import has led to the use of different currencies as a medium of exchange in the international trade.



In order to understand this market, there are various currencies that are listed on the exchange platform and the direction of these currencies play an important role in the business of trade (Export/Imports)
It is imperative to understand the nature of this asset class by understanding the product baskets and the features of the currency markets, in order to trade/hedge and take benefits of the price volatility. 
The webinar puts in context, why currencies, the product basket, the contract specification, futures, options and the factors that determine the direction of the currencies. The webinar will be helpful for those who want to gain basic understanding of the overall currency market and the price perspectives of USDINR primarily and other currencies such as EURO, GBP and YEN against the INR counterpart.

What will you learn about Currency Market?

  • Why Currency?
  • Products and Contract Specifications
  • Fundamentals driving Currency
  • Price Perspective

Who can attend the webinar?

Anyone who wants to gain an overall understanding of the currency markets can attend the webinar.

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