Follow the below points to protect your investments



  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi for online trading and funds transfer
  • Don’t share your trading passwords with anyone and do not share your personal information to unknown person
  • Don’t rely on financial advisory provided by unregistered intermediaries on social media sites
  • Don’t trust any website blindly and make sure the website you're visiting is secure
  • Don’t download trading and other applications from unverified/unknown sources

Fake Messages

  • Always double check the source of the message
  • Stay away from messages mentioning assured or guaranteed returns on investment in stocks
  • Do not rely on tips/unsolicited messages on stocks

OTP / PIN / Password sharing

  • Don’t share your Password/OTP/PIN with anyone
  • Don’t keep a predictable or simple password
  • Don’t open links received from unknown numbers/ email Id
  • Don’t access your trading account from public devices or via public Wi-Fi

Unsolicited Tips/ Assured Returns

  • Don’t fall prey to recommendations on stocks received via SMS or on social sites
  • Do a detailed research on stocks or consult your financial advisor before investing
  • Do all your trading through SEBI-registered intermediary only
  • Do not invest in investment schemes promising unreasonably higher or assured returns

Financial Transactions

  • Don’t transfer funds to an unauthorized person for trading or investment purposes
  • Don’t invest in any profit-sharing scheme
  • Don’t deal in cash with your stock broker or Authorised Person for investing in stocks