How to Check IRM Energy IPO  Allotment Status?

What does it do?

IRM Energy is a city gas distribution (CGD) company

The IPO bidding started on October 20, 2023

It was oversubscribed by over 27 times

IPO Highlights

IRM Energy IPO

How to Check IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status via Angel One?

It's quite simple

If you've applied for IRM Energy IPO through Angel One, follow these steps to check your Allotment Status using the mobile app:

1. Log in with your 4-digit pin 2. Go to the Home tab 3. Choose the IPO section 4. Click on the IPO Orders tab to check your Allotment Status

How to Check IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status via BSE?

Ease at your fingertips

You can also check the allotment status via BSE the exchange websites to check the allotment status on BSE:

1. Navigate to the BSE website 2. Click on the "Equity" option 3. Choose the specific "Issue Name" you're interested in 4. Enter your Application Number and PAN

How to Check IRM Energy IPO Allotment Status via NSE?

No need to think hard

1. Visit NSE India website 2. Register if not done already 3. Go to 'IPO Bid Verification' section 4. Enter your details as prompted 5. Submit to verify your IPO bid

Allotment Status

There are 3 types of allotment status

Allotted: You got the full allocation.

Partially-Allotted: You received less than what you applied for.

No Allotment: You didn't get any shares.

Listing Date

Shares of IRM Energy Limited will be listed on

October 31, 2023

at NSE and BSE. Investors who get the allotted shares will be credited on the same day or one day prior.

Listing Date

Investors who were unable to  secure shares of IRM Energy  Limited, can expect the initiation  of refund procedures starting on

October 27, 2023

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