5 things to consider before joining an angel platform

01:28 Mins Read

If you're considering joining an angel investing platform, here are some key things to consider before you do.


Think a new business has a promising idea? Angel investing platforms give you the chance to invest in such rising startups. Here are 5 things to consider before you join an angel platform. Firstly, take a look at the focus sectors. Some platforms focus on specific sectors, while others are sector-agnostic. Secondly, consider the platform’s investment history. How many startups has it funded? And which startups are its key investments? Next, do you understand the business? If you invest in what you know, you can make smarter decisions. Another thing you need to consider is the risk. Angel investing is always a high-risk prospect. So, plan your investment budget accordingly. Lastly, consider the fees. Angel investing platforms generally come with one-time fees. Exit fees may also apply. So, that sums up 5 key things to consider before joining an angel platform. Up next, we’ll take a look at how peer-to-peer lending works.

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