Smart Money is the smart destination to learn everything about investment. No matter if you are an IT professional, a businessman, or a stock market trader, Smart Money offers you the platform where you can learn the right way to invest, regardless of your knowledge level.
When you take control of your financial, it is amazing how much you can grow. India is a populous country, but only a fraction of people invest regularly. One hindrance is the scarcity of right knowledge. We felt the need to create a platform where anybody can learn the fundamentals of investment and attain the goal of financial freedom.
Smart Money brings you the benefits of learning from experts. These experts have several years of experience in the stock market or working intop financial institutions. After watching the tutorial videos or listening to the podcasts, you will develop the skills that will help you achieve your financial goals
You can enrol yourself using your social media credentials or your e-mail. Go to https://Smart and click on Join for Free to create your account. After you complete the registration process, we will send you a welcome e-mail to your registered e-mail address asking you to validate your account.
Yes. You’ve heard it right! Our modules, tutorials, and certifications are all available for free of cost.
For any queries related to the course or your account, you can write to us at support@Smart or submit the feedback form.
Smart Money modules are designed to benefit learners irrespective of theirknowledge level. Hence, we have modules covering all the basics of investment for beginners, who’re getting started with investment; investors, with long-term visions; and traders, who need the knowledge of technical trading.
No. Smart Money is a public platform or rather say, an investor education program that is created keeping the diverse audience base in mind.
Smart Money is a platform to answer all your trading related queries. We understand that many of you go to your friends or family members to get trading tips. But it is not the recommended method of learning. Smart Money offers a solution to the problem by creating an educational platform with modules designed by experts that will make you more confident to take investment decisions.
In Smart Money website, select Modules from the top menu. It will take you to an inside page with all the modules listed where you can enrol.
Absolutely! Smart Money is all about personalising your learning experience. Start from anywhere you want so that you can learn the chapters that are most relevant to you.
You can take as long as you need to grasp the idea. Time shouldn’t matteras long as you are learning as moving towards your financial goal.
There is no time limit. It’s up to you how much time you want to spend on a module or how many times you want to take Smart Money certification.
At the end of each module, there is a self-assessment quiz. If you pass thetest, you earn a badge for the module. Congrats!
Yes, you can personalise your learning experience in Smart Money. Start new modules and finish the other ones later. You can find a progress indicator in your course page that will help you track your progress.
Not yet. But we assure you that there is no need as well. You can always return to our course page and access the resources you want.
If you have any query regarding the content in Smart Money, you can let us know using the feedback form or write to us at support@Smart
To complete a module, you will have to answer the quiz at the end of it. If you know the answers to the questions, you can pass the quiz without going through the module. Try It!
The badge is a recognition of your achievement that you can brag about. You earn a badge after you complete a module successfully. Go ahead, collect all the badges!
You can collect badges by completing all the lessons in the module. Try to answer the quiz at the end of the module. If you ace it, you get a badge.
You’ll get a certificate from Angel One once you complete all the mandatory modules. You can download your digital certificate from your course page.
Your certificate will remain digitally stored. Once you pass the final test, you can download your certificate any time from the course page.
If you are having problems with the Smart Money website, you can report it to us using the feedback form or through the mail.
Absolutely! Smart Money is optimised to adapt to any device and screen size so that you get the best learning experience.
We’re sorry to hear that you’re having problems. If the problem continues,drop a note to us using the feedback form or e-mail address.

We’re sorry to see you go! To delete your account, go to ‘My Profile’ and click on ‘Delete Account’. Please note it will automatically delete all yourdata in Smart Money account, including your badges and certificates.

For additional queries, you can write to us at support@Smart

Happy Learning!

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