Trading vs Demat Account

Understanding the difference

Demat Account

It is like a bank account to hold your financial securities for investing

Defining Trading Account

A trading account helps investors to buy and sell stocks. You will get a unique trading ID with the trading account, which allows you to participate in trading

Do I need a Demat?

If you intend to invest in the financial market, a Demat account is a must. Mandated by SEBI, it holds investment securities in dematerialised format.

Purpose of a Trading Account

If you intend to buy and sell securities frequently, then you need a separate trading account.

Gainers Vs Losers

Stocks that belong to the top and lower segments usually have good movement and hence, suitable for intraday.

Where To Open A Demat?

The best choice is to open with a stockbroker (depository participant) with industry experience, competitive charges, and excellent customer support service.

Trading With Demat Account?

To invest in IPOs, you would only need a Demat account, but a trading account is required if you intend to sell. 

Link Demat and Trading accounts  

Make life easy by linking Demat, Trading, and Savings account. It makes buying and selling securities faster and simpler.

Open Demat,  Start Investing