Top 5 Penny Stocks to Invest

in December 2023

What are Penny Stocks?

Penny stocks are low-priced shares (usually under ₹10) of companies with small market capitalisation. They are high-risk investments due to low liquidity and potential price manipulation.

Top 5 Penny Stocks to Invest  in December 2023

The following penny stocks are selected as of December 5, 2023. These stocks are sorted from highest to lowest based on the market cap.

The following parameters were used to get  the list: Close price should be less than ₹10. 6 Month Return is set to be above 60%. 5 Year CAGR is set to be above 5%

• Sub-Sector: Power Generation • Market Cap: ₹4,779.39 crore • Close Price: ₹8.90 • 5-Year CAGR: 20.18% • 6-Month Return: 157.97%

RattanIndia Power Ltd.

A major private power generation company in India with a 2,700 MW thermal power plant in  Amravati, involved in coal-based thermal, hydro, and renewable energy projects.

Unitech Ltd.

An Indian real estate developer engaged in construction, property management, hospitality, and related activities.

• Sub-Sector: Real Estate • Market Cap: ₹1,595.94 crore • Close Price: ₹6.10 • 5-Year CAGR: 22.63% • 6-Month Return: 335.71%

GVK Power & Infrastructure Ltd.

A diversified Indian conglomerate with interests in energy, airports, transportation, and hospitality, operating in various business verticals.

• Sub-Sector: Airports • Market Cap: ₹1,571.31 crore • Close Price: ₹9.95 • 5-Year CAGR: 5.82% • 6-Month Return: 314.58%

G G Engineering Ltd.

G G Engineering manufactures auto parts, catering to the automotive industry with a range of engineering and machining solutions.

• Sub-Sector: Auto Parts • Market Cap: ₹192.61 crore • Close Price: ₹2.19 • 5-Year CAGR: 5.21% • 6-Month Return: 140.18%

Mena Mani Industries Ltd.

The company is involved in biofuel trading, construction, and information technology. They lead in biodiesel imports in India and aspire to excel in their endeavours.

• Sub-Sector: Trading • Market Cap: ₹90.91 crore • Close Price: ₹9.06 • 5-Year CAGR: 35.75% • 6-Month Return: 177.06%

Disclaimer: The provided data is for informational purposes and may change over time. Please verify the latest information before making any investment decisions.