Top 5 Penny  Stocks 

(Based on 5-Year CAGR)

(Data as of September 20, 2023)

Brightcom Group Ltd. 

Business: Provides digital marketing services and development of computer software and services.

5-year CAGR: 52.68% D/E ratio: 0.00 ROE: 21.33%

Wardwizard Innovations & Mobility Ltd.

Engaged in the manufacturing and selling of electric vehicles, spare parts and other related services.

5-year CAGR: 40.69% D/E ratio: 0.00 ROE: 18.77%

Ajanta Soya Ltd. 

Engaged in manufacturing vanaspati and various kinds of refined oil. The portfolio of brands includes Dhruv, Anchal and Parv.

5-year CAGR: 31.47% D/E ratio: 0.00 ROE: 41.68%

Veeram Securities Ltd. 

Formerly known as Veeram Ornaments Limited, it is a wholesaler, trader and retailer of branded jewellery and ornaments.

5-year CAGR: 28.47% D/E ratio: 0.00 ROE: 24.30%

Abirami Financial Services (India)  Ltd. 

Involved in the hire, purchase, leasing and lending of money against securities, movable and immovable properties.

5-year CAGR: 26.58% D/E ratio: 0.00 ROE: 97.14%

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