It is one of the most frequently asked/searched question. If you are wondering the same, here are a few smart tips to follow

Route To Quick Money Is Trading

Specifically, intraday trading, where  nvestors enter and exit the market several times and close all their positions before day end.

What Is Intraday?

Intraday traders don’t buy stocks for long term investment. Instead, they quickly buy and sell, profiting from market mispricing.

Isn’t It Risky?

Intraday trading carries high risk, but with discipline, dedication, and focus, one can successfully trade and earn profit.

Trade Shares With High Volume

Intraday traders select only liquid shares with high volume. Reason? These shares enjoy high demand, which ensures large price swings.

Control Greed And Leave Behind Your Fears

Greed and fear often cloud the decisions that investors make. Instead, base your decision on research and technical analysis.

Timing Is Essential

Fixing entry and exit ensure that you don’t sell a share too early. Intraday traders often automate the process so they don’t miss the exact time.

Pick Performing Stocks

Intraday traders select only a few stocks and study their movement for atleast 15 days before trading.

Make Technical Tools Your Friend

Traders use a variety of tools like volume indicators and oscillators to find the best stocks. Make these tools your ally.

Be Adaptive

One can never predict a market with 100% accuracy. So, the best way is to synchronise the moves with the market.

Take Loss In Stride

Profit and loss are two sides of a coin. Learn to take losses in stride and stay focused.