7 Best US Stocks to Invest

in January 2024

What are US Stocks?

US stocks refer to shares or equity securities representing ownership in companies listed and traded on stock exchanges in the United States.

Apple Inc.

• Market Cap: USD 3.05T • 3-year Returns: 54.66%

The company is involved in developing, manufacturing, and selling mobiles, personal computers, communication devices, and more.

Microsoft Corporation

The company is engaged in offering software and software-related products, services, and equipment across the world.

• Market Cap: USD 2.77T • 3-year Returns: 70.48%

Alphabet Inc.

The company provides several products and platforms across various countries in the world. They operate through Google Services, Google Cloud, etc.

• Market Cap: USD 1.71T • 3-year Returns: 57.34%

Amazon.com, Inc.

The company is engaged in the retail sale of consumer products and subscriptions  through online and physical stores located in North America and other international regions.

• Market Cap: USD 1.59T • 3-year Returns: -3.75%

NVIDIA Corporation

NVIDIA Corporation is a semiconductor company in America and a leading global manufacturer of high-end Graphics Processing Units (GPUs).

• Market Cap: USD 1.24T • 3-year Returns: 277.31%

Meta Platforms, Inc.

The company develops products that  allow people to connect and share with  family and friends through their  computers, mobile phones or other  gadgets. Their well-known products are  Facebook, Instagram, etc.

• Market Cap: USD 885.63B • 3-year Returns: 24.68%


Tesla, Inc., is involved in the designing,  development, manufacturing, leasing, and  sale of electric vehicles, as well as energy  generation and storage systems in the  United States and other regions.

• Market Cap: USD 801.34B • 3-year Returns: 8.81%

Note: The stocks listed here are as of December 19, 2023, and selected according to the market cap.

**Disclaimer: the Securities Quoted are only  Examples and not Recommendations.