3 things to keep in mind during bear markets

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Bear markets can be intimidating. Here are some important things you need to keep in mind to ride them out.


A bear market can be intimidating. But it helps to keep some key things in mind, so you can navigate bear markets smartly. Firstly, stocks lose less during bear markets than they gain during bull markets. Data shows that while prices may fall by around 36% during a bear cycle, the average gains during a bull market could be as high as 112%. Secondly, bear markets aren’t all bad. There are ways to put a positive spin on bear markets too. And lastly, remember that a bear market doesn’t last forever. Prices will eventually rise again. So, if you're trading in a bear market, it helps to keep these things in mind. And if you want to hold your stocks or exit your position, there are strategies that can help. Head to the next chapter to learn more about them.

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